Saving Thy Feet with 1 inch thick pad from Exhibitors Carpet

Saving Thy Feet
Are you trying to save money and willing to accept the normal trade show floor padding? Do you realize that standing on a hard surface can drain the life out of your sales staff?

Season veterans understand that extra padding under the carpeting can keep the sales staff fresh and invigorated. Have you ever gone to a vendor’s booth that has large display area and the first thing you notice when you step in to their booth is how much padding they have under their carpeting? They know they can keep their sales staff fresh by spending a little extra on floor padding.

Keep in mind most trade show floors are nothing more than concrete. The long trade show hours can wear down the best sales staff with leg fatigue, sore feet and back muscles, and drains the energy out of your sales staff. So if you can afford it, make sure you get extra padding.

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