Attn. Exhibit Managers


When exhibit managers sit down with an exhibit house designer to discuss options for a new exhibit or refurbishment of an existing property, they often discuss the appearance of the structure and the branding statement it makes: graphics, meeting rooms, presentation stations, theater set-up, storage capacity, traffic flow, height, width, etc. More often, it is the designer that brings up exhibit flooring and how to incorporate this fundamental component into the overall exhibit design. Few exhibitors think of flooring as a focal point within an exhibit, an accent, an underutilized opportunity to extend an organizations brand.

Years ago, the predominant exhibit flooring was carpeting. The only flooring decisions that had to be made were color and padding depth. Today, exhibit designers have a number of flooring options, including vinyl, wood, custom printed carpet, bold stripes, jazzy prints and floral patterns, but don’t forget the old standby colors of phosphorescent fuchsia ,royal blue, silver gray and onyx black.


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