A 15’ x 30’ NyloDeck actually contains enough recycled fiber to carpet an average size home


July 27, 2013  

As a result, trends in the decking industry revolve around improvements in composites, hidden fasteners, integrated materials, recycled resources and, most importantly to homeowners, colors and appearances that resemble indoor hardwoods offering both high performance and low maintenance when faced with outdoor elements.

Rather than wood or PVC, NyloDeck uses recycled carpet fibers in its composition – .

“The new NyloDeck is like no other decking material available, and not just because it looks naturally beautiful,” said Doug Morse, President and COO of parent company NyloBoard. “We call it the ‘non-composite’ composite deck board, because unlike virtually every other option available, NyloDeck contains no wood or PVC, and it isn’t a cap stock product that can be easily compromised. It is impervious to moisture, rotting, termites, mold and mildew and possesses excellent strength, durability and performance qualities.”

Designed to be eco-friendly, the material offers a wood-grain look in five colors. Made using recycled carpet fibers and VOC-free bonding resins, along with UV protection via a patented manufacturing process, NyloDeck has some of the best thermal expansion and contraction rates of all decking materials and has received the highest possible ratings in mold, fungal and termite resistance.

Plus, the production of NyloDeck helps divert a measurable portion of the estimated 9 billion tons of carpet that ends up in landfills every year. Incredibly durable, carpeting, which usually contains more man-made than natural fibers, can last for hundreds of years in a landfill. Nylon, polyester, olefin and other petro-chemical-based fibers do not biodegrade.

“NyloDeck was initially rolled out as a concept in 2010, and was named a 2010 Top Ten Green Building Product from GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News. It was extremely well received as the decking material for Professional Builder’s Show Village in early 2012,” NyloBoard Vice President, Sales and Marketing Craig Jacks said. “Since then, the company has conducted rigorous testing and taken advantage of the two latest manufacturing advancements to ensure a long-lasting, high-performing product that is completely unique, yet priced competitively with other premium decking materials.”

The benefits of NyloBoard’s patented manufacturing process have been proven for almost a decade in marine, trucking, RV and other building applications, where its NyloSheet® panel product has demonstrated performance in harsh environments. NyloSheet is valued for its combination of outstanding versatility, strength, durability and moisture resistance in an eco-friendly material. NyloBoard created its NyloDeck line based on the proven properties of NyloSheet. The result is an eco-friendly, attractive composite decking and dock product with a material composition that has established performance.

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