Old Show Carpet Recycled into Plastic Pellets

carpet recycling

It is important that our customers are able to take part in all of our conservation efforts, and this is why we offer choices – choices in products and choices in actions.

We believe that specifying environmentally-friendly products is more involved than merely selecting a product based on a single attribute (e.g. recycled content, distance to the facility, or closed-loop recyclability). It is about selecting the correct flooring for the project based on the parameters of the project.

Events Carpet and Flooring offer options for our customers for this reason. We provide various backings, yarn compositions, dyeing methods and certifications, so you are able to engineer the most suitable product for your projects based on your clients and their needs.

We believe sustainability is a pursuit, not a destination.  At EC&F, we are vertically integrated with many of our processes completed on site.  We are a small sized company compared to many others in our industry, and by virtue of our size, we have a smaller environmental footprint. Take a look at our process

As an integrated company, we have a comprehensive understanding of our ecological impact and can react quickly to changes in the marketplace to align with advances in product and process innovation. This vigilance and care, along with our conservation initiatives, help to strengthen our pursuit of sustainability.


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