Is it best to rent or buy carpet for my trade show exhibits?

There are several options for securing your carpeting, and the route you choose should depend on how often you exhibit, if you plan to reuse the same exhibit for more than one show, and most importantly, how much money you have in your pocketbook. Consider the following questions: Does your budget take into account the cost to own, store, ship, dray, and lay carpet? Is it critical that your flooring be a certain color in order to match other exhibit elements or exude a particular aesthetic? Are you planning to use different colors of carpet to guide attendees to various displays or zones within your exhibit? 

If the answer to those questions is “no,” then renting carpet makes the most sense. Sure, you’ll be limited in terms of color, thickness, etc. But if you’re not particularly picky about what’s underfoot – or if you’d rather not incur the hassles and costs associated with owning your flooring – you can easily rent carpet for one-time use from the show’s general service contractor (GSC), from a vendor who specializes in exhibit carpet and flooring, or from an exhibit house that likely maintains an inventory of rental carpet. 

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