What other flooring options are available besides carpet

There are plenty of alternatives to carpet out there, from vinyl and carpet tiles to hardwood and laminates. If you want to go the Green route, consider wood flooring products made from sustainable, fast-growing trees. And if reuse is important to you, seek out vendors who participate in programs that recycle carpet or facilitate donations of lightly used flooring to charities such as Habitat for Humanity. 

If you’re looking for something with a little more sizzle than standard carpet, consider doing a border or custom logo inlay.  See some examples here.Carpet with a vinyl inlay is a great way to showcase an area in your booth.
It’s easy to forget about flooring and think of it as a necessary evil of exhibit marketing. But with all the options available, flooring is far more than just a functional covering with which to conceal the convention- center concrete.

Whether you choose carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or any of the other available options, your flooring can make a fashion statement that will set your booth apart and make a fabulous first impression the second attendees set foot on it.

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