Why should I use pad with my carpet

padding for exhibits
You want to use carpet pad in your exhibit for the same reasons you use carpet pad at home: It provides a cushioned surface on which to stand and walk, and it’s easier on your feet. There are other booth-specific benefits to carpet pad as well, including prolonging the life of your carpet by protecting the underside from sharp objects on the show floor, disguising the lumps created by electrical wiring and cables that run underneath your flooring, and providing attendees with a noticeable difference between aisle carpet and your booth carpet. That last one might seem frivolous, but trust me, attendees appreciate – and often comment on – well-padded carpet.

What options are available when it comes to carpet pad

Carpet pad is available in various thicknesses, from 0.44 inches to 0.5 inches. In terms of weight, the exhibiting industry standard is 6 pounds per square foot, often called 6-pound pad. It also comes in a variety of materials including: polyurethane foam (a dense, firmer version of what’s used in upholstered furniture), bonded polyurethane (a patterned foam comprising different sizes and colors of recycled, chopped, and shredded pieces bonded into one sheet), and fiber (a dense pad made of recycled polyester fibers).  Learn more about the types EC&F offers on our website.

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