100% Nylon Commercial Prints

 a commercial environment, appearances matter. Ease and convenience matter. Durability matters. Quality matters. Your flooring needs to hold up under foot traffic – and convey a professional image that makes visitors, guests, employees, clients, customers, and the public feel that they are in capable hands. In many ways, your floor is the “face” of your business.

Commercial flooring needs to deliver form and function. It must be representative of the experience that you will deliver to customers, employees, tenants, patients, visitors, etc. Is it welcoming and homey? Is it chic and sophisticated? Is it sleek and modern? Depending on your brand and the message you want to send, your flooring can speak volumes for you.

At the same time, commercial flooring must be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, easy to clean and maintain, durable, and generally as hassle-free as possible. In short, it must cater to the needs of those who will be treading across it. Popular commercial flooring options include:

  • Ceramic
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl plank
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Carpet
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Rubber
  • Tile
  • Laminate