High-End Carpet

High-end carpet brands are trending in the news.  People want their homes to be comfortable, but at the same time, they want them to be stylish.  New technology in the world of carpet has laid more options on the table (or the floor!) for homeowners.  More colors and styles are available now than ever before.  

The type of carpeting installed in your home has a direct correlation with how comfortable, soothing, and inviting your home feels.  Residential high-end carpet brands are also flourishing due to the growing amount of products that are available.  Recent advancements in tufting (a technique in textile weaving) and creative designers have led to numerous patterns, which are available in a wide range of colors and blends.  

People want their high-end carpets to not only be pleasing to the eye, be durable and functional, but they also want the carpet they select to make a statement.  They want it to be their statement; it’s what they want their high-end carpet choice to say about their home, or a particular room in their home.  It’s their right and their decision to make that statement.  Customers are also asking for shorter timeframes for turn-around of their customized orders.


People are asking more and more for high-end carpet brands, inviting more luxury into home settings.  While some consumers are going in the direction of tile, the carpet industry is seeing a resurgence with customers who want carpeting choices that are softer, plusher, and with a more luxurious feel.  Soft, plush carpets can help our feet feel better and, often, when our feet feel better, we feel better all over.  And people want to feel better these days.


The desire for high-end carpet brands with unique patterns is on the rise.  Growing in popularity are the multi-color carpets, which can use a variety of dyed yarns and are processed in special ways.  Patterns can be large or small, abstract or geometric, stripes, herringbone, or practically anything that can be dreamed up.  High contrast in colors and patterns is also very desirable.


Also growing in demand are requests for eye-catching designs that are durable and stain-resistant.  Clients want the feel and look of high-end, luxurious carpet, but they also want the convenience of being able to clean pet stains or red wine from it easily.

Fabrica carpet provides customers with unfailing quality and style.  One example of Fabrica carpet is the Madrid carpet, which is hand-woven. It is a Pattern Loop made of 100% Stainmaster nylon and is available in a variety of colors.  Hirst is another prestigious and timeless high-end carpeting choice.  Barcelona was designed with the beautiful European city in mind, combining designs and materials with a Catalan Modernisme style, giving a nod to the culture.  Those are but a few choices of Fabrica carpet – look for yourself!

Masland carpet is very involved in the design business of high-end carpeting.  The company has been creating fine carpet selections for more than 150 years.  Their commitment to high-end quality carpet is demonstrated by such fine examples as Grace, a nylon creation with unique color variations, offering not only a beautiful visual design but it is at the top of its game with performance.  Bandala Jazzed in bamboo (but one of many colors offered) is an eye-catching, enhanced loop, high-end carpet design.

When you are thinking about purchasing a high-end carpet brand, consider Fabrica carpet or Masland carpet.  They both offer excellent choices. For an expert hand when choosing your carpet solutions our team is ready to become your team. Request a free flooring installation estimate today.