Although not necessarily a conventional way of obtaining carpet, we try to make the process of buying from us as simple and enjoyable and as personal as possible.

Many of our customers comment on how well we have achieved these aims.

The process is as follows:

Step one

Look through our styles and shades of carpet and request up to a maximum of 4 samples. These will be sent to you with our compliments.

Step two

If you are unsure about any aspect of the above, you can either send a text or email or call us 773-251-1601 to discuss.  We shall always speak to you immediately or do our best to return your call within the day.  We are always most happy to discuss all aspects of our carpets and our bespoke service until you feel that you have all the necessary information.

Step three

If you require alternative or larger samples, we shall happily send them to you, again with our compliments.

Step four

It is usual, by this stage, that we have discussed price and general requirement.  We usually ask if you have a carpet installer that you know and trust.  If so, we recommend using them.  If that is not the case, we are happy to arrange a installer in your area.  This may be one that we have used before.  If not, we do our utmost to use members of the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers as a first step.  If there is no such member in your area, we will research an alternative.

Step five

Once we have established a installer, we put them in contact with you so that arrangements can be made for calling to measure, quoting for fitting and arranging to fit the final carpet.

Step six

Sometimes we both come to a conclusion for a carpet order to be placed after the first communication.  More often, we may have several communications by telephone, text or email, or a combination of them all, before an order is placed for one or more cuts of carpet. Based on the stock position at the time, we can usually give an idea of when the delivery can be made, either to the fitter’s premises or to you at your home or business.

Step seven

When we have cut and despatched the carpet, our carriers will always call you at least 24 hours before delivery to advise expected time of arrival.

Note one

PLEASE NOTE: As with all installations, there may be specific areas that are subject to heavy wear conditions, such as turning points at the top and bottom of stairs and their nosings.  WOCC recommends that, if you are concerned about this, you should purchase additional carpet now so that you have stock to replenish these areas, if required.

Note two

When your carpet is opened up ready for fitting, it is possible that the shade may appear ‘duller/flatter/browner/greener’ than the sample that you have.  This is likely to be caused by the yarn being deliberately over-dried after wet processing and heat being trapped within the carpet during backing.  This is not a fault and it is normal for the carpet to revert to its original shade when it has had time to breathe and re-condition.

That’s it!