American’s have long treasured quality natural wool fabrics

At Whitex we recognize that the protection of the environment is essential if these benefits are to be sustained. We seek not only to carry out our current commitments, but strive to continuously update and improve policies as needed. Accordingly, we have committed ourselves to the following objectives:

  • We are active members of CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and CRI’s Green Label Plus.
  • We ensure that the environmental impact resulting from our production processes and other operations is minimized through pollution prevention.
  • We measure our performance and set objectives to ensure that we comply with and, where practicable, improve on the standards set by legislation.
  • We invest in appropriate and cost effective technology as a means of improving our environmental performance.
  • We maintain emergency plans and procedures to deal rapidly with any predictable incidents, which threaten the environment.
  • We conserve non-renewable resources; encourage re-use and recycling of materials.
  • We minimize and dispose of unavoidable wastes in a safe and responsible manner.

British wool is not only natural and renewable, it is the most durable fiber you can use in a carpet.

  • The wool fiber is shaped like roofing tile.  This is mother nature at her best, making the animals hair naturally keep dirt closer to the surface of the fiber.
  • Wool is naturally resilient – Its natural properties helps it bounce back with spring like qualities, making it crush proof as well.
  • Natural water repelling characteristics allowing carpet fibers to retain some moisture. Inherently this carpet resists static build up.
  • The same high moisture content makes it fire resistant. Perfect for formal areas that frequently use large numbers of candles or have large fire places.
  • Well maintained wool carpet, absorbs dirt and dust, fumes and increasing the quality of your indo