Carpet Recycling Press Release from CARE

CARE Member Press Release

For more information, please contact:

Jeremy Stroop, CARE;

706 428 2127

Exhibitors Carpet Service joins Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE);

Demonstrates Commitment to Finding New Uses for Post-Consumer Carpet

April,1,2010, Chicago,Il Events Carpet founder Bruce Glicksberg tannounced that they have joined the Carpet America Recovery Effort, the only nationwide organization devoted to recovering and finding new uses for post-consumer carpet. Exhibitors Carpet Service membership shows that they support CARE’s efforts to divert carpet from the landfill.

Since CARE’s beginning in 2002, thousands of people have supported carpet recycling through membership in CARE. Because of that support, CARE has helped keep over 1.3 billion pounds of carpet from clogging our landfills, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to ten million barrels of oil. That’s a record we can all be proud of.

“With the help of Exhibitors Carpet Service ,CARE is transforming post-consumer carpet into consumer and other products – saving land, reducing emissions, and creating jobs for people across the United States”, says Georgina Sikorski, Executive Director of CARE. “They are making a sustainable difference”.

“We are proud to become members of CARE”, says Bruce Glicksberg. “We know that, through CARE, we are investing in resources to improve carpet separation technology, find regional uses for post-consumer carpet (PCC), develop new PCC products, and employ thousands of people who recycle and reuse carpet everyday”.

Post-consumer carpet content goes into the manufacturing of new carpet and other consumer goods such as automobile parts, furniture, and various household items.

For more information about Events Carpet carpet recycling contact us

For more information about CARE or to join CARE, please visit

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